You don’t know what your power has done to me
I want to know if I’ll heal inside
I can’t go on with a holocaust about to happen
Seeing you laughing another time
You’ll never know why your face has haunted me
My very soul has to bleed this time
Another hole in the wall of my inner defenses
Leaving me breathless, the reason I know
Disturbed - Stricken
We are the Sons of Winter and Stars
We´ve come from a far beyond time
Forever the fire burns in our hearts
Our world shall never die
In the arms of the wind we ride till dawn
As the waves of the ocean grind so strong
We wander in the stars until we´re gone
Our fate is sealed by eternal sun
Wintersun - Sons Of Winter And Stars
I’m walking towards dead end I’m walking all alone
Two steps behind insanity
There’s no starlight guiding my way through this downward death row
Soon will be the time I have to go…
Children of Bodom - Towards Dead End
So old I´ve become - Thousand years staring into emptiness
But now I realize - That it was just an illusion
All this time I thought it was you that would save the sun
Oh rain comes and washes the hate away
Now I am at the crossroads with questions
Somewhere, someday I will find what I am here for
Who am I
Wintersun - Sons Of Winter And Stars
I’ve hold the fire within myself
Years I’ve walked in the coldest winds
Through the deserts of sand and snow
The time is passing and I know,
that I’m wasting my life, destroying my dreams
I’m diving into the bottomless sea
From sorrow and pain I find my strength
the more pain I feel, the more I see
Now I’m watching my life flowing in the dark
like streams of fear running through my heart
And it’s wearing me down until I’m gone
Soon I’ll join the endless whirls of stars
And I fall deeper into the unknown voids
Something is dying, yet something is born
And I fall into infinity like a burning star
When will I find my silent dawn
I fall like a burning star!
Wintersun - Starchild